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Shall I wake her?
Posted: 26/03/2013 by Kate16

Hi, new to this site, looks great.  I have a small spur thighed, about 70, still asleep in shed.  Going on hols 5th April and will be looked after by friend.  Wondering if i should start waking her now, so can get going before hols?  Snow on ground, so will bring indoors under her lamps.  Last year, had post hibernation anorexia, so was helping to feed all summer, but she was good weight by end.  I have usual supplements waiting.  Also, indoors, do people use sand/ soil mix as bedding, or straw?  I've only used straw in one area, but just read about other.  Advice asap please!

Re: Shall I wake her?
Posted: 26/03/2013 by Tom

Given it had PHA last year , bring it in asap & get it feeding.
Yes ordinary garden soil is fine as a substrate, you can sterilize it in an oven if you wish.


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