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Tortoisey help
Posted: 04/03/2013 by Adathetortoise

I am 11 years old and thinking of buying a tortoise, and am trying to convince my mum that I can handle it. My main concern is my dog; she is a 5 year old Springer spaniel and I don't know how she would react to a tortoise. She has never been with another pet except my sister's hamster, whom she never really got on with but tolerated, and to my knowledge never tried to eat. But a tortoise would be another matter; my mum says she would snap the tortoise and mangle it (bleugh) and they would not be able to be in the house together, but after researching this I found that it was possible to keep a tortoise and a dog, but that certain precautions must be undertaken, like keeping the tortoises home elevated and making sure the tortoise cannot escape, and that they are not kept in the same environment, yada yada yada. this would be possible, because I do in fact have a little shed in my back garden that if cleared out would make a great home for a tortoise away from my dog. Any objections/suggestions that might help me see the situation more clearly?
thank you!

Re: Tortoisey help
Posted: 04/03/2013 by tortoise7

Well done for trying to get some advice on keeping a tortoise first before rushing out and buying one. You seem to be aware of the problems that could arise with the tortoise and your dog which is good but as you will be at school in the day it would be hard to keep a close eye on the situation. Tortoise are not easy to keep and cost quite alot of money for the equipment they need to keep them healthy and in the correct environment,  plus vet bills are very costly. Although you sound a very responsible person, I think that it would be better to wait until you are older, you don't have to loose sight of owning one, as you could research about tortoises which can be very interesting, until the time is right to own one.
I am so glad that your dog did not eat the hamster that would have been quite upsetting, and as you put Blaugh.
Hope this has helped you with your decision.

Re: Tortoisey help
Posted: 05/03/2013 by alibannani

I think that its a really good thing you're asking all the right questions... i'm no expert but i get round the dog problem by keeping my little girl in a double guinea pig cadge and keep it closed so the dog cant get to her while i'm not there. I think that if you have the right information and the right help from your mum you should be able to handle it - although remember that unlike hamsters and dogs you'll have him/her forever. I took the best part of a year to get all the reaserch together before getting my little one. Tortoises are such good and rewarding pets and i think just because you're 11 shouldn't put you off having one.
There is so much good information on this site so have a good read of the articles and take your time to work out what you need and if you think you are ready. Just keep asking if you have any questions - we're here to help!


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