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Flash's new house
Posted: 03/10/2008 by colby73

Hi Nina thanks again for the photos, quick question for you did you make the ramp out of MDF? and glue the moulding on? I know it sounds silly but I am worried about him getting chilly too can you tell me what heating and lighting system you use again there is a lot of mixed advice out there. He has two lamps in his current set up but I don't think I will be able to re use them in his new one. Do you use the 50/50 substrate? Honestly I never thought such a little guy would give me so many sleepless nights but I wouldn't be without him, he is such a character. I'm sure he recognises my voice as he makes a dash over for a cuddle, he loves sitting with me whilst I am working and watching TV I seemed to have turned into his recreational activity!

Re: Flash's new house
Posted: 03/10/2008 by Ozric

Hi, I'm not Nina but I noticed your post and decided to stick my oar in.  The MegaRay is a very popular choice at the moment, it provides your heat and UV in one and it gets good reports. 


Re: Flash's new house
Posted: 04/10/2008 by tpgNina


Sorry to be late in answering this. I just used a little board of wood that I had (I think it was about three or four inches wide and I cut it to the required length). Then I covered it with roofing felt (that sandpaper-like stuff that they use for shed roofs, etc.) as it is grainy and gives her some traction as she climbs up it -- otherwise it would be too slippery. I made the upper level out of another board, the same width as the cage, and put legs on it. Then I attached the ramp by making the roofing felt on the ramp longer than the ramp itself so that it goes over the top level, and I have a bent paperclip in it that just hooks around the end of the top level board(and I crudely cut a notch at the end of the board so it rests against the top level and doesn't slip). This means that the ramp can be easily removed separately. For the railing, I just got something at B&Q -- it's very thin (probably balsa wood)and glued it to the board, but also put one or two really thin little nails in too. I did glue some little plaited moulding that I happened to see at B&Q on the railing, but it wasn't necessary. It's a shame I can't post photos here, but I'll send you some by pm.


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