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Do Tortoises like to live alone ??
Posted: 06/02/2013 by nuttymamauk

Hi do Tortoises like to live alone or in groups we have a female horsfield and wondered about getting another thanks

Re: Do Tortoises like to live alone ??
Posted: 07/02/2013 by insenceaddict

Hi, through general rule of thumb is one male to at least four females for a group. Alternatively if you get a second one and end up with two males they will fight on reaching sexual maturity. If you have one of each sex he will persistently pester her to mate and may injure but will certainly stress her. Two females is the best option, but of course if not both from the same origin a quarantine period would be required. In the wild they live a predominately solitary life coming together to mate and feed. So in a word as long as the environment is right with access to a garden spring and summer at least I would keep just the one. Hope this helps. Jacqui


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