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HELP! Juvenile Hermann Tortoise winter diet
Posted: 26/01/2013 by jessicaandsheldon

hey! Jessica here =) I'm new to this website and I'm a recent owner to a juvenille hermann tortoise named Sheldon =D I got him about a week ago as a gift from my boyfriend ('Ive wanted one for years now). However I need some HELP!

Since I live on the west coast, (BC) Im concerned about his winter diet. Since he was a gift to me, I obviously wasn't prepared to grow any flowers/weeds/plants for sheldon, so now my only option is to buy store bought food. As of right now, I'm feeding him Kale and Endives, but I need to add variety to his diet! Any suggestions?? I've been researching all week trying to decide on whats best for him at this time of season, however many websites are contradicting each other. So can someone please just provide me a list of foods that would be beneficial for sheldon =) I want the absolute best care for this little guy.

I have a cuttle bone for calcium, and I'll probably buy a calcium spray (Nutrobal) to spray on his food a couple times a week.

Also, when it comes to lighting, I have my basking bulb on the left side of his home (120V 60HZ 150V Bulb) as well as a Red infrared light in the middle. YES i am aware I need a UVB light which I'll be purchasing tomorrow. Is this sufficient for Sheldon? I have a picture below for better visual.

One more thing, is humidity important for hermann tortoises? I've heard mixed reviews. I have a humidity gage that reads 50%....should i buy a humidifier? or will he be okay?

I know this is pretty long, but any suggestions/advice would be GREAT! Thank you so much

Re: HELP! Juvenile Hermann Tortoise winter diet
Posted: 28/01/2013 by TPGDarren

Hi Jessica,

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So long as he is in an open table top he should be fine. Hermanns shouldn't be kept in a vivarium at all.


Here is a link to the Hermanns care sheets which will hopefully help:-

You should hopefully be able to pick enough weeds for him.

Here are a couple of links that should assist:-

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