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Brown like stuff...
Posted: 01/10/2008 by imfromwales

I was giving Ed a bath today and he brought his head in a few times, and then suddenly quite a lot of goldish liquid came out from his bum area. I think this might be urine, but i also thought urine was meant to be whiteish?

The goldish coloured liquid soon dissapeared so it dissolves in water by the looks of it.

any ideas?


Re: Brown like stuff...
Posted: 01/10/2008 by tpgNina

Hi Antonio,

Urine is usually clear, but it can be coloured a bit (sometimes pink if they have been eating lots of dandelions), so 'goldish' is a possibility (as long as it wasn't really very dark). Urine isn't white -- it is the urates that are produced and come out in the urine that are white, and as long as urates are thin, like egg whites, or even creamy, that is OK, but if they are sandy, or gritty, or in any way solid, then this indicates that your tortoise might be dehydrated. I would just keep an eye on Ed, and see if it happens again.


Re: Brown like stuff...
Posted: 02/10/2008 by imfromwales

Thanks a lot for the info --this is the first time i have seen him excrete anything in the 2/3 weeks i have had Ed!

il keep an eye on it though, thanks.


Re: Brown like stuff...
Posted: 02/10/2008 by ElaineTPG

Hi Antonio, Have you fed Ed anything different the last few days? To add to what Nina has said I would increase his bathes until you are sure everything is ok. How often do you bath him, at least daily would be good.

Let us know how yo get on.




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