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egg weight
Posted: 21/12/2012 by AndyRobertson

I have a question regarding egg weight during incubation.

My eggs were 17g, 16g,17g, 17g, 16g, 16g, 22/11/12  they now are 13g, 6g, 14g, 14g, 14g, 14g,. 22/12/12 After 31 days

The second one obviously isn't fertile, what about the rest is it normal to loose this much weight? Temp is 31-32c and hum is 74-80%.

Any help would be appreciated


Re: egg weight
Posted: 23/12/2012 by wizzasmum

I'd say it's not normal practice to weigh eggs at all. In all my years I have never weighed an egg, if it's going to hatch it will and if not then so be it. Messing with them is far more likely to cause failed hatching. Leave them in the substrate and wait to see what happens, far more exciting :D I would imagine though if they are losing weight then your humidity is probably wrong, or you have dried them with moving them around.

Re: egg weight
Posted: 23/12/2012 by AndyRobertson

Hi there,

thanks for the advice, just noticed on other forums that people tend to weight them every now and then. I weighed them when they were laid and have left them ever since. It was only a couple of days ago i did it again due to the one that was dried out being a bit miss shaped! Thanks again and hopefully the rest are okay. It is my first time so all advice given is taken on.


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