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Potential New Owner
Posted: 29/11/2012 by Gillian

I don't own a tortoise but am seriously considering bringing one into my home. I'm not a fan of animals in cages so I decided a Horsefield or Hermann tortoise would be the best for me. I've researched both of these species quite well and feel ready to go ahead and buy my tortoise, however I don't know where to get one from. I don't like the idea of Dobbies as I've heard of bad experiences from inexperienced staff offering the wrong care advice and I am quite shocked at a webside I came across offering tortoises by mail order in time for Christmas!! My ideal situation would be to find a rescue tortoise who was in need of a home, rather than buy from a website or garden centre. Can anyone offer me any advice please as I really want to do the right thing.

Re: Potential New Owner
Posted: 29/11/2012 by wizzasmum

It's not just Dobbies, but all commercial outlets - all buy in imported tortoises and this is where most problems start.

Depending on where you are, there should be a breeder near to you. I breed both hermanns and horsfield tortoises and deliver to many areas. You can contact me for further info on If I am not in your area, then I can possibly point you to a breeder who is.

PM facility doesn't seem to be working, so email address is the best contact ;)

Hope this helps



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