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1st timehibernation
Posted: 17/11/2012 by sarah j

i'm going to hibernate my 5 year old marginated tortoise for the first time this year, i have read the info on this site and am really concerned because iv been winding him down for 2 weeks following the instructions given but he wont stay out in his heated area and keeps going to bed, so hes always cold, hes had no food in this time but also hardly touched any food in the 2 weeks  leading up to preparation, hes really inactive as well,and just wants to sleep but previous to this was really active, hes in good health so. is he winding his self down as well, i dont know what to do, should i just keep waking him up every day to bath him or is he ready to hibernate now?

 thanks to anyone who answers that can offer me help and reassuarance to know i'm doing it right.

sarah j

Re: 1st timehibernation
Posted: 17/11/2012 by gillnotfish

bath him every other day - watch for poos - if he hasn't been eating he shd be ok, but basically when they hibernate, they should be hydrated but not have food inside - so after a few more baths without pooing he should be clear. he sounds like he is winding himself down. Weigh him before you hibernate him and check on him every couple of weeks - specially in the first few weeks as you need to check he hasn't wee'd - that would mean he's losing fluid. hope this puts your mind at rest - I'm a 'beginner' too but belong to lots of forums for advice. Mine have been in the fridge for a month now and I'm counting off the days till I get get them out as I miss them!!

Re: 1st timehibernation
Posted: 18/11/2012 by sarah j

thanks alot for taking the time to reply to my worries, its helped me to know im doing the right things for him.

Re: 1st timehibernation
Posted: 03/12/2012 by piesmam

Hi lve put mine in a repltile shop to hibernate its her first time ( horsefield approx9.5 yrs) lm still worried good luck x


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