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Small Gripe
Posted: 17/11/2012 by wizzasmum

Not sure how others feel, but it's so annoying when replying to peoples questions, only to find they then ignore you :( People give up their time to help on forums, so it wold be lovely just to have the occasional thanks here and there. Hope this did not offend ;)

Re: Small Gripe
Posted: 09/12/2012 by DavidWYork

Not sure how to respond to you.

I regularly reply to postings, though not so much recently.

I have very often been thanked and also formed many tortoise-based friends this way. Also people do thank you too, I have checked back.

 Surely we give advice out of benevolence and a sense of altruism. Thanks may be a bonus...not a pre-requisite though.

Thank you for all your postings and replies.

David nr York.

Re: Small Gripe
Posted: 16/12/2012 by tortoise7

I can only speak for myself personally, but when I give somethig to someone I don't expect to receive something back: Like David said it is a bonus if they do, I just take it that our advice was useful and all is well, surely that is thanks enough


Re: Small Gripe
Posted: 03/01/2013 by wizzasmum

No, I see what you mean and as you say, I do not give advice expecting anything in reply. Some posts though, come on in an urgent nature, more or less demand a reply/solution immediately and then when you have gone into great detail, offered private help etc, not even a reply. I ususally ask people to let us know how things go, I don't think it is much to expect good manners.  As I say, it's not all the time, just now and again. I know that if I put a request on a forum, I will always without fail, at least get back to people. I guess it's a sign of the times, not had a thanks from some of the grandchildren yet for Christmas or birthdays this year. As kids we always used to write thank you letters ASAP, not  much of an excuse in these days of emails, texts etc, Hey ho, bet they would notice if nothing arrived lol


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