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Help - 1st time owner & Hybernation
Posted: 05/11/2012 by lucy264205

I am considering purchasing 2 Horsfield Tortoise both about 7yrs of age. I will be a 1st time owner, I have done a lot of research on best breeds for 1st timers, eating habits, environment & time needed to care for these animals properly. My question however is the person selling them has only had them for 18 months, he said they hibernated for a couple of months and are now slowing down, but as a first time owner Im not confident enough to hybernate myself. I know that many people have individual preferences on this subject, but if I decide to keep them under a UV lamp during the winter months etc is this going to have an negatice effect on them if they have been use to hybernatiing?

Re: Help - 1st time owner & Hybernation
Posted: 06/11/2012 by wizzasmum

If you have only just got them then it's best to get to know them before hibernating. Having said that russians are difficult to keep awake once they havce decided to slow down. You need to keep them well hydrated by getting them up each day, giving a warm soak and offering food. If they still refuse to eat, then you may have to let them sleep for a few weeks in a cool place, making sure the substrate is slightly moist to prevent dehydration. This can sometimes help russians and when woken, give regular woarm baths again to keep them going. If they are happy to feed over winter then just keep feeding to a minimum and weigh regularly to make sure they do not gain any weight over the winter period.

Hope this helps



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