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worried about hibernation
Posted: 30/10/2012 by

our tortoise has lived in our garden in england for 30 years,we have no idea how old he is,this year he just keeps coming out of his normal hibernating space,under some stones,and just stays inthe grass all the time,i put him back and he comes out again,he hasnt eaten for ages and its getting cold,not sure what i should do

Re: worried about hibernation
Posted: 31/10/2012 by wizzasmum

What species is he? Has anything changed - position of his house, digging of favourite areas by humans etc. Tortoises don't like change. Have you weighed him to see if he is heavy enough to hibernate. If he has not eaten for some time he may not be heavy enough. This year the weather has been so bad that many tortoises have not eaten enough to survive a harsh winter, so he may know this and and not be ready to dig down. They need temps of 30 degrees optimum but lots of sun anyway to be able to digest their food properly. You may have to keep him awake and feeding through the winter. Is there a really deep area of soil where he usually digs in. If he cannot dig deep enough and we are in for a hard winter, he may not be happy with this space.


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