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hoursefeild tortoise
Posted: 10/10/2012 by sazangel85

hello I have got a hoursefeild tortoise and I'm getting lots of different advise on what I should and shouldn't feed her I'm just wondering what is best to feed her I no the wild things I can us but unsure on the shop bought food I should and shouldn't us and also is flat leaf parsley ok thank you Sarah

Re: hoursefeild tortoise
Posted: 11/10/2012 by wizzasmum

I am taking it you mean a horsfield. Just remember that most pet shops, reptile centres etc will give bad advice, so be guided by people on forums such as this, reptile forums etc

None of the herbs that we use as flavourings are really liked as they are pretty strongly flavoured.  Have a look here at how I keep mine and bear in mind that in the wild they only eat for 3-4 months of the year, so  most horsfields are vastly overfed. At this time of year, if not hibernating, you need to aim to keep the weight static and not with any growth over the winter months, this will help with the shape of the shell and hopefully (if not pet shop purchased) keep it nice and smooth, the same as a wild horsfield. There are still enough weeds available out there for one tortoise - I am managing to keep thirty + at the moment. My list of tortoise edible weeds and a few garden plants is here

If you absolutely must use some shop bought food, then get Florette Crispy salad. Don't get the mixed greens ones or those with peppers etc - Florette Crispy will give a reasonable balance until you can get some more higher fibre weeds.

Hope this helps



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