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Help needed to rehome
Posted: 30/09/2012 by paula2812

Hi, we are needing help to rehome/sell our 2 horsfields. Due to a change in circumstance and after a lot of hard decicion making we feel this is the only option Click and drag me down to the editor.

They are 3yrs old and in good health, normally they are outside when weather permits if cooler they have a large rabbit cage with u.v/heat lamp in a cabin (which is available with them).

Ive tried the rehoming route but having problems with the incredemail.

We live in west yorkshire,

Re: Help needed to rehome
Posted: 02/10/2012 by thorpy

Hi, we would be interested in your tortoises if you still have them.Could you please get back to us and let us know if you still have them. 

ThankyouClick and drag me down to the editor


Re: Help needed to rehome
Posted: 02/10/2012 by paula2812

Hi Thorpy,

yes we still have our tortoises, do you have tortoises already or had them in the past? Would you require the outside rabbit cage,uv/heat lamp and the little cage we keep them in at night to sleep, we dont leave them out at night due to age,

many thanks for your interest, this has being a very hard decision to make.



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