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Conflicting advice
Posted: 29/09/2012 by mrshorsy

I have always wanted to keep a tortoise and have finally decided to take the plunge, however I did not realise I was stepping into a world where there is so much conflicting advice! I have been to two different pet shops looking at equipment and have recieved different reccommendations from both.

This is my situation.

I want to keep a Horsefield tortoise in a tortoise table. What do I need in terms of lighting and heat.

One shop said I could have a combi light/heat bulb that would need to be on all day but could be turned off at night as long as there was a heat pad that I could put in the roof of the sleeping area.

The other shop said I needed a uv light that must remain on 24/7, a heat and uv combi light and a heat pad that had a perspex cover over the top that the tort could crawl onto when needed and this needed to be in the basking area.

Its so confusing can someone help.


Re: Conflicting advice
Posted: 29/09/2012 by wizzasmum

Have replied in the other section ;)


Re: Conflicting advice
Posted: 29/09/2012 by mrshorsy

Thank you for your reply its so hard to know who to trust as the guy in the pet shop sounded so knowledgable.

My second problem is that the tortoise is to be a classroom pet for (older children) and I realise that heat lamps must become very hot to touch. Does anyone have any experience in keeping a Tortoise in a classroom. Would I be better off using one of the large rabbit cages.

Also if I have read your advice properly you are saying no heat at night is necessary. I was going to buy a timer that would switch the light on at 6 and then i would switch it off when I left at around 7 at night. Obviously I would take hime home at weekends and holidays. does this sound feasible

Re: Conflicting advice
Posted: 31/01/2014 by korenxx


I know what you mean with conflicting advise, what i advise is not to get a tortoise from a pet shop, I got herbie from a pet shop back in july time and he was really ill and only fully recovered around december. I have also heard a lot of bad stories about pet shops and the pets they sell since then. my advise is to rehome from a charty or here or to go to a breeder and you'll get all the correct advise and a healthy tortoise.:D

I use arcada from heating and lights and they do a reflector lamp that have like a protective cage over the heating light

Hope this is helpful



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