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Hermanns hibernation
Posted: 23/09/2012 by

Hello, Please can you give me some advice on hibernation Bailey - my hermanns tortoise.
I purchased her from a pet shop in March 2012 her birth certificate shows her as a captive bread 2010 hatchling. she was approx 109g in weight when I got her. She has a healthy appetite and eats mostly weeds/dandilions/leaves etc. She lives mostly indoors in a tortoise table, and I put her outside when I can on sunny days. She is now 164g and is appx 9cm in legnth and 7 1/2 cm in width. Im assuming she hasnt hibernated before. The last few days she has started to burrow into the soil more.
but is still eating. Please can you advise as I want to do the best for my little tort.

Tort mam


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