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What do I do now?
Posted: 11/09/2012 by Ted209

Hi all,

I think you will all agree that this years weather has been pants! As a consequence Shelly our 50year old Herman has stopped eating.

It's our first summer of looking after her and I think she has started her 'wind down period'. She doesn't eat and spends a lot of time walking about and basking in the sun. Yesterday she didn't come out at all, although she was awake, today we thought to get her out of her house and put her under a sheet of glass we have - however she walked off, had a wander around for a bit and then went back to bed??

Is it to early for her to start this wind down period or should we encourage her to eat/ get out of bed??



Re: What do I do now?
Posted: 23/09/2012 by misslou

i am the same. i have had my rescue tortoise checked and she is above average weight etc. but just recently she has not wanted food, just starts digging down in the garden! when is a good time to wind down? this is our first year wit her so new to this.


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