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Beware of digging in.
Posted: 02/09/2012 by DavidWYork

Just a thought now weather is changing...

Every year, people write in about this time, or a little later, very worried. Torts are missing and winter is approaching. They have dug in and burrowed out of site, and may be insufficiently protected for outdoor hibernation. So it is vital that we are all really vigilant and watch for very first signs, and I then place mine in 80 litre boxes of shallow soil, each with a box for shade, and leave outside to begin wind down. If they have stopped feeding due to low temperatures.Believe me torts are so hard to trace once dug in. Many years ago my spaniel was going berserk at one part of our lawn. Later I checked Torty, and he was gone from his pen (adjacent to lawn). He had dug under the bricks set in under pen walls and almost 2 feet along, and 6 inches under the lawn. I was lucky. So just keep a close eye on torty, and prevent unneccesssary stresses...and losses!

Regards, David nr York


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