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indoor home help!
Posted: 01/08/2012 by meg.sirkis1

I have just got my first tortoise, she is a russian tortoise named maggie! i am having some doubts about the home i set up for her and could use some advice. she has a 40 gal. reptile tank with a vented top and all the proper lighting, a place to hide and a shallow water bowl. However i have been reading that this set up may not be giving her the proper air circulation that she needs. can anyone give me some advice? much appreciated.

Re: indoor home help!
Posted: 03/08/2012 by tortoise7

Hi and Click and drag me down to the editor
Yes you are right to be concerned about her housing, as 'Fish Tanks' as I call them, are not appropriate for a outdoor ground species, which whoever sold you your little one should know!! unfortunately  money is made from the add-on's that they can sell the new owner. Not wishing to be lazy, but have a read of this care sheet (linked enclosed) as it will give you good advice, and will help you to ask specific questions that you may want to know.
Are you bathing her at the moment, and what are you feeding her on?
Well done you for trying to give little Maggie a good start. 

Re: indoor home help!
Posted: 16/04/2013 by IMB750

I am hoping to get tortoise soon. A Horsfield most likely but possibly a Marginated. My plans for housing it would ideally be a tortoise table on the floor 3ftx2ft with hide,lights ect, . Then access to outside large pen with plenty of wild food I would like the tortoise to have free run of the house as much as possible would it return to it's table unaided when it needed to warm up or drink???. Most importantly is this type of setup possible and suitable. I want it to part of the family it will be our only pet. Thanks.


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