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Play sand?!?
Posted: 26/07/2012 by Maximus

I'm hoping someone can help - we've had a maximus a day now and are having trouble getting a top soil that is organic? At the moment we have just added the play sand into the tortoise table - is this ok?

Re: Play sand?!?
Posted: 26/07/2012 by DavidWYork

Hi there. I use 50:50 play sand and growbags by volume, This is for hibernation and as a substrate in boxes, I have a gravid female, who I expect to lay eggs in this too if warm enough.

Mole hill soil will also do....any local moles?

Regards David nr York

Re: Play sand?!?
Posted: 27/07/2012 by tortoise7

Hmm mole hills, never knew that David.  My Mum & Dad had a mole in their front garden for a while until he decided to leave home, I would have bagged the soil had I known. I shall keep a spade and bucket in the back of the car, just like the good old days of horse manureClick and drag me down to the editor joking I am far too young to remember that Click and drag me down to the editor
I just use normal topsoil from B&Q, I find it has the least bits of debris in.


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