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Posted: 21/07/2012 by Ted209

Hi All,

Finally the weather is getting better (hopefully) however over the past couple of weeks/ months my tort Shelly hasnt been eating much at all and steadily over the past 8 weeks she has lost weight!! Ive been keeping an eye on her weight since we got her and weighing her every week. I have done a quick calc on her Jacksons ratio and she is currently 0.15! which means that shes underweight!?!

I need to maximise her weight gain before she goes into hibernation in October - what can I do to maximise this weight gain??

Shes lived outside for about 50 years so dont want to bring her in?! and surly she would of had at least one summer like this before in the past 50-60 years??


Re: Worried
Posted: 21/07/2012 by tortoise7


Is her appetite coming back now the weather is getting warme, and she Ok in herself?
How did you work out her weight to be 0.15? could you also say how you measured her.
Hopefully we will be getting a summer so the torts will all start to pick now.

Re: Worried
Posted: 24/07/2012 by Ted209

Hi Jane,

I measured her shell length and calculated it on the jacksons calculator. Unfortunatley I calculated it wrong! :-) which was a releif so say the least! her new (more accuratley calculated) weight ratio is 0.21!

she wolfed down loads of food yesterday coz of the warmer weather!

Thanks for you help


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