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Advice needed!
Posted: 19/07/2012 by Rosaline

Hi,would love to buy a tortoise,however I live in a ground floor flat that has decking but no grass.Would this be suitable?The decking is very secure and does get a lot of sun in the day.But I wouldn't want to buy a tortoise if I couldn't keep it properly.Any advice appreciated,many thanks.X

Re: Advice needed!
Posted: 08/08/2012 by mchell43

Hi I have 2 two yr old spur thighs, and they dont go on grass as I have dog using it as loo. I put them out front as it is flagged. as long as there are weeds for them to eat. They should only go outside during sunny days and be kept on tortoise table indoors the rest of time. You will need basking lamp and UVB strip bulb , which needs replacing every 10 months or so at one end allowing the other end to be cooler , around 22 or less. Heat mat should be used in winter so they dont get too cold, no colder than 15 or they will get slow . They should only be hibernated when a good age and healthy weight , age 3-4. look at tortoise trust website , loads of care sheets ect on there . hope this helps ... chell


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