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elongated tortoise - what to do?
Posted: 22/06/2012 by Liz_Uk_Cn


I live in shanghai, and a couple of years ago "inherited" a male elongated tortoise (Bob) from a friend who had bought him at a local market 2 years previously. I guess he's about 6-8 years old (about 8inches long, 0.8kg).

Currently he lives in my flat, but i know this is not a good environment for him, it's impossible to make one out of a small city flat for lots of reasons, although he seems pretty healthy with plenty of energy. So for this reason I am loathe to simply donate him to a friend here when i leave.

In November I will move back to UK, and i am not sure what to do with Bob. On the one hand he is very cute and I could prepare a proper indoor garden for him in UK with good climate control. I have been in touch with the UK authorities and got the relevant forms for Ex/Import.

However, i have found out that he is an endangered species, and so ask your advice, whether I should look to return him to the Wild (I am not sure if he was wild-caught or bred in captivity). Is there any organisation in South Asia who will look after him, i'm not sure that just dumping him in a forest in Laos will be beneficial.

Alternatively are there breeders in UK with a lady elongated? Is this the route to go?

Seek advice...


Re: elongated tortoise - what to do?
Posted: 24/06/2012 by tortoise7

Hi Liz
I will be happy to offer my advice but it is only based on what I unerstand about elongated tortoises not through personal experience, so please anyone correct me if I am wrong, or add to what I have put.
It is quite a predicament that you are in, you are obviously attached to Bob and  know he is not in the right environment at the moment,  and have taken the time to enquired how you can  bring him back to the UK legally.
I would not return him to the wild even though I suspect he is wild caught as he was brought from a local market, but you do not know the full history  and he has been in captivity for 2 years now and the pathogens in the body have adapted to the sterile environment you and your friend have provided.
Whether you bring him back to the UK or rehome to someone in Shanghai, he should be kept in a Moist humid environment as they come from the forest area naturally having damp leaves humidity and access to water which is important as they need to soak alot. They are active at dawn and dusk and are very shy creatures getting stressed very easily. They do not hibernate so you would have to provide this set-up 24/7, and they are omnivorous needing both vegetation and meat.
I do hope this has helped you to decide what you feel you should do. Please let us know how you get on


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