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Health Concerns
Posted: 16/04/2012 by hewill

I have just been on a website where people advertise tortoises for sale. I am particularly concerned about one advert where someone is selling a couple of Horsefield tortoises and to me it looks like their shells are pyramiding. They certainly don't look as smooth as my 2 Horsefields' shells. The website is:-

Please advise as it does concern me.

Thanks Helen

Re: Health Concerns
Posted: 16/04/2012 by DavidWYork

Helen, this will be more and more common, I fear!

It is not illegal to sell these animals in this state...on the scale of deformity they are not as bad as many. I have checked the link.

Those cute  torts, so many buy, need special care that not everyone is prepared to give, or even aware of. I spend a lot of time looking at adverts and see large amounts of mis-shapen torts for sale. The difficulty is in balancing feeding, temperatures, humidity and U/V light levels. Then there is the time lag between cause and effect. Many really caring keepers end up with problems, read previous postings on this site. It is really important that those "in the know" pass on their tips and advice. I have never reared hatchling torts, but guess there must be loads of people reading this who successfully rear smooth-shelled captive bred tortoises. Please respond and share your is really essential to provide tips to avoid these problems in future. Education, education, education...

Regards, David nr York


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