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Shrubs and plants
Posted: 06/04/2012 by nicky65

Click and drag me down to the editorI am preparing our tortoise Yoshi's outdoor enclosure and would be grateful of some advice on plants and schrubs that I can plant. I have bought some seeds from Cosy Tortoises (already grown some in propagator) so she will have food but I wanted something to make it look a bit more exciting for her and give her places to hide. I have a couple of fake ones in her indoor enclosure and she seems to quite like climbing on them and sleeping under them.

I am really looking forward to her being outside as she is quite lively and I'm sure she will love it.- She is a Horsfield and is almost 10 months old.

Re: Shrubs and plants
Posted: 06/04/2012 by tortoise7

Hi and welcome
I have planted Lavender, Hebe, Cistus and ornamental grass, this gives good shade and looks good, and it is torty safe. A really good site to help you is
It is lovely to see the torts outside, you can feel the contentment coming from them, hope the weather gets warm soon.
Are you prepared that horsfields are great diggers, so you will have to dig down and put some chicken wire or something that will stop them going too deep.

Re: Shrubs and plants
Posted: 13/04/2012 by nicky65

Click and drag me down to the editorThanks Jane for your advice.

My brother has built the enclosure, with some help from me and  it's hopefully escape proof. We have finished the structure today and now I can add what's going in to it. It's set in the ground on top of some weed liner and it has a fixed base of wire mesh. The sides are a couple of feet high so I will be buying some nice new organic top soil and some play sand to put in it along with some slate and other bits and pieces. I have ordered an outdoor hide, she has a flower pot and a coldframe. Of course there is a secure lid too.

I may have to pop to the nursery nearby to buy some hebe etc.



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