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New pen again
Posted: 18/03/2012 by tortoise7

Just wanting to share my excitement with you all. My husband and myself have been redoing the outside tortoise pen "again" this week-end. This is the first year that I have put Keya & Molly together, after quarantining Molly for 4 years (she was a rehomer)I feel confident that she will not pass anything over to Keya. So with this new arrangement, this means I can make one big outdoor pen without separate sections. I have purchased some cloches which is the first time I have used these, I am hoping to make the pen more interesting with hidey holes and shrubs, that they will want to spend most of their time out in the garden, rather than trying to retreat to their indoor heated house. The cloches hopefully will be proving the heat source they will need for a warm up.
We still need to put the fencing around, and of course wait for the weather to warm up, hopefully that will not be long.
I will post a photo when it is finished so you can see, maybe you may some ideas for me, or maybe I can give you some.

Re: New pen again
Posted: 23/03/2012 by VivTPG

Oh wow Jane, I am so pleased they are together now.  The new pen sounds really impressive, I use coldframes in their gardens they are good for warming up quickly.  Cant wait to see the pictures.

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