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female agressive towards male
Posted: 17/03/2012 by pauline01

Hi I came on here a few weeks back as the male tortoise would not leave the female alone. On the suggestion of a vet I separated them, however due to a problem with the new tortoise table for the male I had to pop him back in with the female, I couldn't believe how agressive she was with him. I am now worried that I won't be able to put them back together again ever. Any advice please

Re: female agressive towards male
Posted: 18/03/2012 by tortoise7

The only advice I can give, is that will have to separate them permanently if she continues this behaviour or get 2 other females. The ratio is usually 3 females to 1 male if you are going to keep them together.

Re: female agressive towards male
Posted: 23/03/2012 by VivTPG

Yes I agree with you Jane, they probably need to be permanently separated, is the table large?  If so, add lots of pots or plants so they can 'hide' or not constantly be seen. 

Regards Vivienne 


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