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Check regularly
Posted: 28/02/2012 by DavidWYork

What a strange winter/spring transition!!!  Now begins the anxious bit.

My 3 mature torts are certainly feeling the temperature changes. They have hibernated in 30cm deep soil since second half of November. Whilst not awake fully, they have moved slightly today and I can just see shell tops of two, and a head and front leg of another. I do not consider them awake enough to dig up, warm up and start feeding yet. I will leave as is until I see them with eyes open or moving due to really warm temperatures. Where they are has not risen above 10 degree C yet, but is rising. I suggest natural method hibernators should be really vigilant now and outdoor daytime temperatures are reaching dizzy heights! Personally, I would like another cold week, then spring to arrive over night...but that never happens. So, be ready with lamps, large boxes, tempting food now, as any day our charges will call on us 24/7 again til the autumn. After years of being a keeper, this next few days still excites me. Old friends returning safely again...GOOD LUCK EVERYBODY.

David nr York.

Re: Check regularly
Posted: 28/02/2012 by tortoise7

Hi David

I was watching my friends torts come up to surface this week-end, it was really amazing. She has  6 of her 8 awake now, all bathed drinking and eating for England. What temps have you got at the moment?


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