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Posted: 18/09/2008 by

Hi Everyone,

I have posted once on your site - its Michelle regarding hibernating hermans tortoises.

I think im ready to start - if someone is willing to talk me through the process.

Usually my 12yr old Hermans hibernates herself in the garden - but reading this site - with regards to the wet weather - id rather her not. She seems however, to be slowing down and is starting to dig - so im assuming that she is preparing herself.......

Im heading towards the fridge method - but seeing as both my eldest hermans spend most of their time in the garden - im not sure how to wind-then-down - its easier if you have them inside - and you can control their heat/light etc..... but when they spend their time roaming round the garden - im unsure who to do this.

I do have a tortoise weigh-in next Saturday - run by the BCS but i will need all the help i can. My other torts are about 3/4 - and are currently in a home made tortoise table - they also seem to come out to eat - a quick warm - and then go into their shelter to bury.

Bizare how they know - but im being brave and going to hibernate them too.

Im scared people ......... i will be totally heartbroken if i loose any in hibernation.

Well ........ after all the books ive read and sites ive scanned - none of them say "Start hibernating in the month of" .......

So .... all help welcome please ....

Many thanks,

An Anxious Michelle from Bristol

Re: hibernation
Posted: 18/09/2008 by tpgAli

Hi Michelle,

I dont think theres a person out there not worried about hibernating their tortoise especially with the bad summer we have had and the lack of sunshine for our tortoises not to mention ourselves. <g> Some of my tortoises have also decided its time to hibernate and once they have it in their heads there is no stopping them.

I think you are very wise not to let them hibernate outside and a good hibernation means they will benefit so much more in the long run.

I have been using the fridge method for many years now and i swear by it as do alot of other members on here. Before you start you need to go through the wind down procedure, here is a link to help you

Also you need to have a good reliable (larder) fridge and get it set up and running at least a week before your tortoises are ready for hibernation. The TPG have a guide to fridge hibernation that is easy to read and understand, here is the link

We are always here to help and talk you through anything you need to know so please ask if you need too.




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