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Posted: 24/02/2012 by nickyahill

I have a 3 year old very socialble tortoise who does not like being in his house but likes to be out in the house and garden depending on the timeof year, the problem is that when im not around to let him out he climbs the glass front of the house trying to get out usually turning himself over in the process, i can come home to find him upside down and not a happy chap, im worried he has been like this for a few hours and tht next time i might find him very poorly or worse !! Is this normal or any tips greatly received.



Re: Help
Posted: 24/02/2012 by tortoise7

HI and welcome
The reason he is behaving in this manner is because to him he does not realise that it is glass, and is trying to escape, this is causing him to get stressed. Vivarium's are not suitable for tortoises, they should be in open top pens or outside when the weather is better. Just for temporary measures put some cardboard about 6inches deep all around the glass so he cannot see out, you need to get as much air circulating into the viv as possible. Have a read of the fact sheets on the left under "The Tortoise"
Hope this helps


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