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box hibrnation
Posted: 17/02/2012 by d.hameedi

H i is it possible to fit two tortoises in their sleeping part of the tort table an put a really intense fan on them

Re: box hibrnation
Posted: 18/02/2012 by tortoise7

Hi and welcome
Firstly before I ask anything else, fans on tortoises i have never heard of, so on saying that, can I ask a few questions please and why you would want to put a fan on them in the first place?
What species are they
How old are they
How long have you had them

Re: box hibrnation
Posted: 18/02/2012 by TPGDarren


Re: box hibrnation
Posted: 14/04/2012 by d.hameedi

sorry just well I am planning on getting tortoises and they are medditeranean spur thighs and before I get them I am just asking around


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