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Tortoises Outdoors?
Posted: 16/02/2012 by wylies

I am considering buying a horsefield tortoise for my son. I have been told that it cannot be kept outside for longer than 1 hour in our climate (Northern Ireland). Is this accurate, as this seems to conflict with other advice I have received which states that tortoises are happiest out of doors? Thanks

Re: Tortoises Outdoors?
Posted: 16/02/2012 by tortoise7

Are you thinking of a hatchling or adult?
In answer to your question, no that is not right, although in our climate you will have to provide a heat source, and or inside accomodation for the little ones if the weather gets cold. Have a read of the fact sheets on the left under "The tortoise" that will give you a good guide on what is needed for that species, enjoy and ask as many questions as you want

Re: Tortoises Outdoors?
Posted: 17/02/2012 by wylies


I am providing indoor and outdoor housing and on what I had read was happy that the tortoise could be outdoors some of the time. However the "expert" I spoke to suggested that our climate was never suitable for outdoors and obviously don't want to harm the tortoise (21/2 yrs old)

Re: Tortoises Outdoors?
Posted: 17/02/2012 by tortoise7

I go out to Ireland quite alot to visit my friend and the climate is always better there than we one we have here, and mine are out all through from March to November. As tortoises are not native to the British Isles, when we have them we try to replicate the environment that they came from, and learning about those regions help us to keep the tortoise as natural as they can be in captivity. Outdoors is where they live all the time, seeking shelter free from preditors, flooding and the cold. The part that our wonderful british weather does not supply is the length of light and warmth they would have, that is where we provide that for them artificially.
The age above, is that 21 yrs Adult or 2 yrs Hatchling?


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