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Winter tortoise fix.
Posted: 15/02/2012 by DavidWYork

I have been surfing the net all day and wanting something new to read about torts. The link above is to, in my opinion, an interesting article.  Mine are deeply asleep still, but once in a while during hibernation I need a fix about torts to keep me going. Henny Fenwick has kept torts successfully for many decades and her article does contain some useful info...fancy having an acre just for tortoises!  Hope you enjoy reading it. Maybe you agree or disagree. Lets share our thoughts.

Regards, David nr York.

Re: Winter tortoise fix.
Posted: 15/02/2012 by tortoise7

Thanks for that David, I am looking forward to having a read later, and having a discussion

Re: Winter tortoise fix.
Posted: 16/02/2012 by tortoise7

Read the article and really enjoyed it. I learnt a couple of things which were useful, like being careful with the flowers as it attracts wasps and bees, commonsense but one that can be overlooked when trying to provide a variety of foods.Vivariums are mentioned on quite a few sites and I have heard so many vets who own tortoises themselves recommend vivarium's, personally I can't see that they are a good environment for any healthy tortoises. I guess you have to bear in mind that this article was written over 4 years ago and we are learning all the time.
What a lovely set up, and weed picking at the bottom of the garden, oh what a luxury, although my weed picking does get me out and walking through the country side.


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