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George's weight advice please.
Posted: 22/01/2012 by Bushby

HI all, Can I please ask you fab people for advice. my little man is now awake and I have weighed him and measured him. I'm still alittle worried that he is too small for a Hermann, he is now 4 years old (taken from his papers) and 8cm in length. He has put on weight steadly and I have taken his poo to the vets to be checked-all clear. He is a fussy eater and wants to be hand fed! and is the only tortoise I know that doesn't like dandelions. He turns his nose up to most weeds and is very stubborn and seems to want his florette salad bags. I planted lots of lovely weeds and flowers of him to munch on in his outdoor enclousure in the summer, but still he turned his nose up. can someone please give me advice whether I'm worrying for no reason. He seems to look nice and healthy and has bright shiny eyes. :) Thanks x

Here is his weight and length:

George’s weight and length

Date                                              Weight                                   Length

30th May 2010                                               40g                                                      6cm

14th June 2010                                             54g

20th July 2010                                               61g                                                      

14th Sept 2010                                              69g  

 8th Feb 2011                                                 56g                                                       7cm

17th Feb 2011                                              61g

16th march 2011                                           73g

1st April 2011                                                84g

26th April 2011                                             81g

3rd May 2011                                                90g

18th may 2011                                              91g

6th June 2011                                               89g

29th June 2011                                             94g

15th Aug 2011                                             101g

26th Sept 2011                                             91g

22nd Jan 2012                                                     85g                                                        8cm    


Re: George's weight advice please.
Posted: 22/01/2012 by tortoise7


His weight is on the low side at the moment, but that is to be expected, I think in August he was way too heavy, try to aim for his weight 0.17-0.19.5 you can work this out by dividing his weight by the length 3 times.
I would hold out with the weeds, florette is ok to bulk out a few weeds but doesn't have the same nutrition fibre value as weeds

Re: George's weight advice please.
Posted: 23/01/2012 by Bushby

Thanks Jane x


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