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advice on food and bedding
Posted: 16/01/2012 by riversong

Hi we have recently added a Hermanns tortoise to our family but im reading all sorts of things about foods they should and should not have and im not sure on what sort of bedding is best. She currently has calci sand, repti turf and in her bed she has hay please i dont want o be a bother but could some onew with same breed please let me know what i would be best buying and also i know not to overfeed her but could you also let me know what sort of things i can give her i know she loves dandilions and her previous owners used the komodo food stuff. I want to give her he best i can. She is 4 yrs old this yr and is in lovely condition. Any help and adive is most thankfully received thanks Sue in Plymouth

Re: advice on food and bedding
Posted: 17/01/2012 by tortoise7

Hi Suz
Here is a brilliant site for seeing what torts can eat

I have two Hermans and the substrate I use is Topsoil and Playsand 50-50 mix, you can buy these from most Gardens Centres.
Have a look at the members Gallery here on the site and it will show you what other members set ups look likewhich will give you some ideas. What she was previously fed on and  the habitate she had was not one to help keep her healthy, so lucky you came along to put that right. The best advice I was given when I first got mine, was look at where they came from in the wild and try to immitate that environment as much as you can.


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