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Too warm to hibernate?
Posted: 08/01/2012 by BrianC

We need some advice please.

We have had a female spur-thigh for 30 years or so. A family pet she is 2.4 Kg and for the first time this winter she climbed out of her hibernation box in our unheated garage beginning of Dec. due, I expect, to the unseasonably warm weather. She is currently indoors with a lamp, eating and defecating. Last summer we changed her diet more in line with the current recommendations and off the french and runner beans which had been a past favourite. It might also be that this change affected her ability to hibernate.

We would appreciate some advice: What should we do? Try again to get her to hibernate or keep her awake? We have never tried her in a fridge.

Many thanks,  Best Regards, Brian Collins 08 Jan 2012     (Garage temp currently 9 degrees C)

Re: Too warm to hibernate?
Posted: 08/01/2012 by tortoise7

Hi Brian and Click and drag me down to the editor
This weather has not been very tortoise friendly has it? You will have to abandon hibernation for this year now, as it would be too dangerous to hibernate her again.
I would certainly consider the fridge hibernation, I do this method and find it so stress free compared to friends I have that do the box or natural earth method, only because of the fluctuation in temps.


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