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Posted: 13/06/2008 by sky

Hi all, am new to. What a discussing trade. Let see if we can stop it. it makes me sick to think of all those poor torts being crammed in the boxes.


Re: Hello
Posted: 13/06/2008 by tpgadmin

Hi Kay

Welcome to the TPG forum.  This is a disgusting trade - you're right.  have you seen the slide show showing some of the conditions these poor torts are transported in?  The link to it is on the home page.

Do you keep tortoises if so we would love to hear about them.  Here's a picture of one of my tortoises - she's a Hermanns and a real love.  I rehomed her as she was lost and her new owners never claimed her.



Re: Hello
Posted: 25/09/2008 by sky

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Hi Helen, sorry its been a long time in me posting my reply, have just log on after a very bad August .

In answer to your questions Yes I have 2 Hermmans, who I adore. They love being out in the garden roaming around in the enclosure, but I do bring them in at night as the weather is turning cold. Have just taken delivery of my new larder fridge ready for (hibernation).Click and drag me down to the editor



Re: Hello
Posted: 25/09/2008 by tpgNina

Hi Kay and welcome back! We'd love to see your two hermanns (you can post some photos of them in the members' photo gallery). Are you finding that your two are thinking of hibernating earlier this year? So many people are saying that because of the terrible summer we've had, their torts are definitely going into hibernation mode!



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