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Posted: 27/11/2011 by janicepalmer

Hi, I was one of the unfortunate people who lost  torts last year during hibernation and am now so wary as to what to do for the best for my horsfields. They all live in a greenhouse with access to the weed patch on better days.

Little Olive, we will be overwintering . She is the smallest and youngest and was a little under the weather and needed antibiotics in the early summer. She is fine now but dont want to take any chances even though she seems to be slowing down ready for hibernation. We thought about putting her indoors in a tort table.

The others seemed to be slowing down until the temperatures rose and they are trucking around very well again. We have reduced the heat/light time and reduced the food.

Tallulah is now showing signs of being gravid and we are watching her very closely. Obviously we can't hibernate her until she has laid any eggs.

Will be aiming for 6 degrees in the fridge.

Feel so unsure because of last year, especially as it was the first time we had used the fridge method.

What do I do for the best. 

Can they stay in the greenhouse and hibernate when and where they want to or do I try the fridge again.

Dont know which way to turn.

Please help if you can, feeling rather confused and not too confident any more.


Re: Dilemma
Posted: 30/12/2011 by marilyn

Hello Janice,  I am so so sorry to hear you lost your tort last year.. Devastating. !   I have the same problem, I expect we all do.   I have two 4/5 yr olds and an 11 year old Hermanns.   They seem to be going in and out of hibernation because of these mild temps.   I am leaving mine in their snug box at the mo. because they are more asleep than awake.  I can't put mine outside anywhere because I am afraid that the mice will get at them.  (Mine are in the porch of my house...unheated)....  It is a difficult decision when the temps are like this.   I would keep doing what you're used to  but check them every day just to make sure.  I am.    Nice chatting to you.   I saw that nobody had replied to you so I thought I would try to put your mind at rest.  Let me know how things go.   love from Marilyn. x


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