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help with tortoise house
Posted: 23/10/2011 by helena.ernie

At the moment my 18 month horsefield is in a vivexotic which was what he came with when we rehomed him. I personally think this is too small should I get a tortoise table and if so where From. Many thanks

Re: help with tortoise house
Posted: 23/10/2011 by DavidWYork

Hello there. It is good you are wanting the best for torty. There are now plenty of "tables"advertised on e bay. Lots of people are using indoor rabbit cages too. If you click on the Gallery icon on the right in Quick Links, you will see various examples used successfully. It would also be worthwhile reading earlier Q's and A's in enclosures postings. Just about every conceivable question has been aired over last few years...

I have never kept Horsefields, but I am sure someone who does, will reply...well I hope so, there are hundreds of us out here! Good luck, and don't forget to feed a varied diet. I have just replied to someone with a very selective torty. We must do all we can to keep our beasties healthy and interested. Feeding is a major event in their day, they deserve the best we can pick, grow, or buy...

Regards, David nr York.


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