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hibernation guidance please
Posted: 15/10/2011 by bubbles

Hi I wonder if anyone could give me some advice I have a hermann tortoise and she is wonderful. On her certificate it says she was hatched in 2008 and as yet has not been hibernated. I am in a bit of a dilemma I was going to start winding her down last week because she is slowing down and not eating much the only problem is when doing her weight using the jackson ratio she come out as being light in weight. She is 264g and 11.4cm, but if she isn't eating enough now she will definately be underweight by then to hibernate. Do you think I should overwinter her or try hard hand feeding her over the next couple of weeks which is the only way she will eat after a bath and put her down late. Please can you advise. I am a little worried. I haven't hibernated her before. from Rachel

Re: hibernation guidance please
Posted: 17/10/2011 by bubbles

Sorry it sounds like I only hand feed her reading the thread back. Its only been the last week she has been like that although today she has eaten without me feeding her.


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