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Advice please
Posted: 14/10/2011 by Lynn1

Hi Team

Last year my tort died aged 40+ years due to cold weather and TPG were very kind towards me and helped me through a dark patch.  I have now a new spur thigh named Toby age 7 years, [i've had him 6 months now].  He has settled in well and seems really happy in his outdoor space.  i have started bringing him in the evening [as soon as it goes dark and he is asleep] and he remains asleep until i put his duel lamp on at 6.30am.  He gets very active and at 8 or 9am i put him outside for the day and he happily chomps away on everything i put out for him [weeds mixed with a little bit of cucumber that has nutrobal on]. 

I could winter him indoors [table top 3.6m x 3m and keep him awake but this seems a little unnatural and i dont think he would be happy in his.  My question is what would you do and how bearing in mind he hasn't hibinated in his 7 years. 

Thanks for any help


Re: Advice please
Posted: 14/10/2011 by DavidWYork

Hello there, sorry you lost your torty last winter, it was a beast of a season!

I would think think hibernation would be a good option provided you follow a wind down process over next few weeks. For many species in nature it is a natural part of the year. As long as you are aware of temperatures and able to provide a winter temperature of around 6 degrees celsius. ( I managed 2-8 degrees last winter by daily monitoring and repositioning hibernation boxes)

Fridge method might suit you well as torty not too big...mine are 25 cm plus long, and I hibernate them in boxes of soil. These I monitor VERY regularly with digital alarms and 2 supplementary thermometers, just to be sure.

Read the postings in hibernation section and see what you think you could manage. Do hold on to  the fact that you were successful for all those years prior to last winter.

Regards, David nr York

Re: Advice please
Posted: 16/10/2011 by Lynn1

Hi Dave

Thanks for your help Click and drag me down to the editor


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