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Posted: 28/09/2011 by herbie19


I am a first time hibernator!, I have 2 Hermann toitoises approx 5 and 6 years of age.  Could you tell me when I should put them into hibernation and exactly what I need to do beforehand.  They are both healthy and I have noticed that they are not eating very much but are still quite alert.  Where is the best place to store them?

Any help would be great and thank you. 



Re: Hibernation
Posted: 28/09/2011 by tortoise7

Hi Anne and Click and drag me down to the editor
How long have you had your torts?

I have put a link from this site that teels you all about hibernation, have a read and then come back and ask as many questions as you like, we will be happy to help




Re: Hibernation
Posted: 29/09/2011 by herbie19

Hi Jane

Have had them about 3 years now.  Will have a look at the link and come back to you.  Thanks for your help!  They are called Munchie and Speedy. 



Re: Hibernation
Posted: 30/09/2011 by tortoise7

Hi Anne

Arrr what sweet  names, yes please do ask as many questions as you want


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